Welcome to BenBen!

A husband and wife brand bursting with fun and mindful items for kids.
After having a child late August of 2019 and then experiencing a pandemic and lockdown, it was a revelation to both parents how important a child’s development and space is.

Our vision is to inspire creativity through curiosity and to raise good humans.

With this in mind the team at BenBen has set out to design and manufacture products that fit the vision while remaining true to the ethos that sustainability and having an eco consciousness will make the world a better place.
No single use plastics ( in fact almost no plastic at all), re growable labelling, sustainable birch ply timber in all products and of course non- toxic and biodegradable paints. Our products are locally made and our goal is to uplift the communities we source from.
BenBen is at its heart about love. The love for children, the love for beautiful objects and the love of our planet. We are not perfect. We are not even close to it but we will never stop trying to be the best we can be as a measure against our values and visions.
Since august 2020 we have been prototyping, researching and developing a range to brighten your home and to make it a little more organised. We will continue to develop new products and launch them when we know the price and design are just right.

Welcome to the world of BenBen. You are most welcome:)